Mission Breath Alcohol Detector - 0.02 & 0.05% (2 Pack)

 Mission Breath Alcohol Detector
(2 in a pack)

Mission Breath Alcohol Detector

This is a disposable device, perfect for remote work sites, corporate functions, gifts or anywhere you need a backup breathalyser.

The unit is a 'blow in the bag' type that has been proven accurate over the years and comes in a box of two devices.

Supplied in two versions - 0.02% & 0.05% BAC

If you would like to read the instructions, you can download our instruction sheet here:

We of course provide free online product training as we do with most of our products.

Product Benefits

  • This product can save lives

  • Results are available immediately

  • Each tester is laboratory calibrated, no batteries, no maintenance

  • Each tester is used only once, ensuring total hygiene

  • Cost is minimal compared with expensive electronic testers

  • Accurate readings ensure rapid user education as to his/her alcohol tolerance.

  • Simple and easy to use.

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