Lion SD400

Lion alcolmeter® SD-400: highly accurate and professional design

The Lion SD400 is a fully automated unit; this simple to use breath alcohol measuring instrument is also recommended for use by traffic police, heavy industry, medical departments and in many other industry sectors.

To use, simply switch on, attach a mouthpiece and tell the subject to blow. His or her alcohol level is shown just seconds later on a large, easy to read display. The reading is then stored in memory, with date and time, for later download to a computer system for management purposes. An optional data-logging system (e.g. operator, subject, sex and age) is also available.

Lastly, a reusable plastic sample cup may be used as an alternative to the single-use mouthpiece tube for fast, non-invasive PASS/FAIL precursory testing.

Key product features:

Simple to use
  • The Lion alcolmeter® SD-400 is fully automatic. This means it's very simple to use, so training requirements are minimal.

Fast, accurate analysis
  • The Lion fuel cell sensor ensures high specificity to alcohol and a long, stable working life.

Easy to read display
  • Alcohol readings are shown on a large illuminated display. Four indicator lights inform and instruct the operator.

Last test recall
  • The result of the last breath test can be recalled, even if the instrument has since been switched off.

Automatic data collection
  • All alcohol readings are stored in memory, with date and time, and can be downloaded to a printer or PC. An optional data-logging system [e.g. operator ID, subject sex, test location] is also available.

Record Printing Capability
  • The Lion alcolmeter® SD-400 may be used for fast subject screening, Attach the battery-operated printer [SD-400P] or use a PC with OnLine-400™ for data input, automated control and comprehensive documentation.

Calibration security
  • Calibration security is simply enabled by means of the 'dongle' electronic key.

Law enforcement approved word-wide
  • The instrument is approved by law enforcement authorities worldwide for breath screening. 


For more information, please download our brochure (PDF) - Click here to Download

Power Supply:  5 x AA cells (gives over 3,000 tests)
Weight:  525 grams
Dimensions:  169 x 80 x 39mm.
What is the temperature range for use?:  -5 to +40 C
Package Type/Qty per package:  Carton / 1
What is the safe temperature range for storage?:  -5 to +40 C
Is training required with this product?:  Yes
Does this product meet AS 3547 Standard?:  Unknown
What consumables do I use with this product?:  Mouthpieces
Is there a service agreement with this product?:  Yes
Shipping Type:  Road/Air
Perishable:  No