Lion SD 500 Breathalyser

Lion SD500®: fully automated handheld breathalyser

The new 500 is small in size and weight, yet big on performance. Its unique ergonomic design offers ease of use in a compact instrument which fits easily into a pocket or clips to a belt. Underneath the attractive exterior is our usual engineering quality; designed to bring you the accuracy, reproducibility, stability and durability you expect from Lion. The graphic display further helps guide the user through the test procedure, as everything is fully automated. Just switch on, attach a fresh mouthpiece and tell the subject to blow. It’s that simple!

Key product features:

Simple to use

  • The lion alcolmeter® 500 is fully automatic. This means it’s simple to use, so training requirements are minimal.

Fast accurate analysis

  • The Lion fuel cell sensor ensures high specificity to alcohol and a long, stable working life.

Easy to read display

  • Breath alcohol readings are clearly shown on a large, illuminated graphics display.

Last test recall

  • The result of the last breath test can be recalled at anytime.

Calibration security

  • Calibration security can be automated through input of a hidden push-button sequence.

Ergonomic design

  • The 500 is comfortable to hold and is genuinely pocket size.

Low power consumption

  • The 500 is energy efficient. Just two AAA cells give around 400 breath tests.

Simple, low cost mouthpiece

  • This unit operates at low cost.  For example, 500 uses of this unit is equivalent to the S-D2/S-L2.  Mouthpieces are supplied individually and hygienically wrapped.

For more information, please download our brochure (PDF) - Click here to Download

Power Supply:  Two AAA cells provides sufficient power for around 400 breath tests.
Weight:  Approximately 140g, including batteries.
Dimensions:  125mm x 654mm x 15mm.
What is the temperature range for use?:  -5 to +40 C
Is there a minimum order with this product?:  No
Package Type/Qty per package:  1
Is training required with this product?:  Yes
Does this product meet AS 3547 Standard?:  Yes
What consumables do I use with this product?:  Mouthpieces
Is there a service agreement with this product?:  Yes
Shipping Type:  Overnight First Class in Australia
Perishable:  No