Alcohol Testing

Why choose CMM Technology as your breath alcohol test device provider?

Because we not only provide breathalysers and all the consumables you will need to conduct onsite breath alcohol testing, such as breathalysers, mouthpieces, documentation, training and more, but we are NATA accredited to conduct breathalyser calibrations.
Our state of the art calibration laboratory is capable of recalibrating virtually all types of professional breathalysers and the turnaround is usually within 24 hours. There is a bespoke rush service available.
So when you need to rely on a quality service, from sales, technical support, after sales service, we deliver.
If you don't choose to conduct the testing in-house, then we can also provide hands-off testing services at your site, saving time and money.
The technologies we present cover a vast range of requirements, such as passive testing through to breathalysers that can control entry to site. To ensure you get what you need for your requirements, talk to our friendly knowledgeable staff for their recommendations based on your unique situation.
If you would like to find out more you can chat live, call us on 1300 79 70 30 or drop us an email:


Product Name+
 Australian Standard Certificates   Australian Standard Certificates 
 Drager 5510 Breathalyser   Drager 5510 Breathalyser 
 Drager 6820 Breathalyser   Drager 6820 Breathalyser 
 Free Breathalyser Calibration Check   Free Breathalyser Calibration Check 
 HH3 - Alcohol Breath Analyser   HH3 - Alcohol Breath Analyser 
 LE5 - Alcohol Breath Analyser   LE5 - Alcohol Breath Analyser 
 Lifeloc AlcoMark   Lifeloc AlcoMark 
 Lifeloc EasyCal   Lifeloc EasyCal 
 Lifeloc FC10 Breathalyser   Lifeloc FC10 Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc FC10 Plus Breathalyser   Lifeloc FC10 Plus Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc FC20 Breathalyser   Lifeloc FC20 Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc FC20BT Breathalyser   Lifeloc FC20BT Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc FC5 Hornet Breathalyser   Lifeloc FC5 Hornet Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc Lifeguard Breathalyser   Lifeloc Lifeguard Breathalyser 
 Lifeloc Sentinel Wallmount Breathalyser   Lifeloc Sentinel Wallmount Breathalyser 
 Lion Alcoblow RT Passive Tester   Lion Alcoblow RT Passive Tester 
 Lion SD 500 Breathalyser   Lion SD 500 Breathalyser 
 Lion SD400   Lion SD400 
 Mission Breath Alcohol Detector - 0.02 & 0.05% (2 Pack)   Mission Breath Alcohol Detector - 0.02 & 0.05% (2 Pack) 
 WM4 - Wall Mounted Breathalyser - Alcolizer   WM4 - Wall Mounted Breathalyser - Alcolizer 
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