HH2 - Alcohol Breath Analyser

Alcolizer HH2: handheld digital breathalyser engineered to Australian Standards AS3547

NB: This device is no longer being manufactured, however we still service these devices and can assist in recommendations for replacements.


Key Product Features:

Engineered to Australian Standards AS3547
  • The HH2 is engineered to Australian Standards AS3547 (i.e. certified and Standards marked with licence no. 2334).

One button operation
  • This feature enables the operator to use the HH2 with one hand. It also means the HH2 is very user friendly unlike many other electronic devices.

Digital readout
  • The LCD readout provides you with written instructions once the power button is pressed (e.g. BLO which means 'please blow now').
  • The digital readout indicates to the operator a 3 decimal place result, providing high accuracy.

Recalibration Indicator
  • By pressing the SEND button, the HH2 will display the number of tests remaining. It will then display the number of days remaining before the instrument is required to be sent away for recalibration.
  • This facility negates the need for the user to remember to regularly recalibrate is or her breath tester.

Light button
  • In those dark car parks or for the visually impaired, the back lit display is operated by a press of the light button.

The world’s best micro fuel cell technology
  • The HH1 is fitted with a professional electrochemical micro fuel cell – the best that money can buy in handheld micro fuel cell technology.

12-months warranty
  • This unit is covered under warranty for 12-months (inclusive of all parts and labour).

All Australian designed and manufactured
  • The HH1 is engineered in Queensland by an all Australian company, headed up by Australian directors

Optional extras:

As part of our service to our customers, we stock a range of consumable to complement this unit such as:

Leather clip pouch
  • This moisture resistant soft leather pouch provides good all year round protection for the HH2.
  • The pouch is specifically designed around the HH2.

Extra mouthpieces
  • Additional mouthpieces are available in any quantity.
  • Each mouthpiece is individually plastic wrapped for good hygiene.
  • The mouthpieces are sold in the following quantities: 1, 50, 100, 300 and 1000 pieces.

HH2 recalibration service
  • We offer a low-cost recalibration service for each 180 days, or 300 tests (whichever is sooner).
  • Our clients can have their HH1 calibrated by highly qualified electronic engineers in a dust free, temperature controlled laboratory.
  • Included in the recalibration fee is:

    • New battery
    • 5 x mouthpieces
    • Software upgrades
    • Full recalibration
    • Free return reply paid post service in Australia.
Is there a minimum order with this product?:  No
Package Type/Qty per package:  1/Carton
What is the safe temperature range for storage?:  -5-45° Celcius
Is training required with this product?:  No - but if used in a workplace situation, a breath testing course is advisable.
Does this product meet AS 3547 Standard?:  Yes
What consumables do I use with this product?:  Mouthpieces/Saliva Traps
Shipping Type:  Air/Road
Perishable:  No


Available Options:
Mouthpiece x 300:
Saliva Trap x 100: